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Eusebi Impianti s.r.l is one of the largest fire fighting equipment and services suppliers all over the world, with most advanced technology and richest experiences. Eusebi Impianti has gained more than 40 years projects and engineering experiences, with a wide range products ranging from high pressure & low pressure gas systems, high pressure water mist systems, foam systems, sprinkler systems, spray systems, to fire detection systems and fire alarm systems, also providing services like “turn-key” project, fire fighting systems design, fire fighting systems installation, fire fighting systems commissioning and start-up, extinguishing agent filling, after-sales services and etc. Eusebi Impianti have achieved certificates in USA, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Ukraine, Croatia, Romania, Argentina, UAE, Chile, supplying products and services in more than 100 countries and areas, protecting so many power plants, gas and oil fields, marine and plat-forms, historical architectures, airports, subways and all other kinds of public building, and securing clients’ safety in terms of life and assets. 

Eusebi Impianti s.r.l also pays attention to Chinese clients’ life and assets security, in hopes of providing high quality, reliable fire fighting products and services. Now Eusebi Impianti has built up an office in Beijing, and started a plant in Tianjin. Now Eusebi Beijing Office is in charge of sales and after-sales services in China, and Eusebi Tianjin Plant is responsible for producing high pressure gas fire fighting systems and high pressure water mist systems, providing the best to clients. 

EI China Tianjin Plant-Tianjin EI Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd is established in 2006, located in Tianjin Airport Economic Area, a Sino-Italian joint venture between Eusebi Impianti and AVIC Tianjin Aviation Electro-Mechanical Co., Ltd. EI China Tianjin Plant is the member of China Fire Protection Association, also one of the writers for IG fire fighting systems and high pressure water mist systems national GB standards. Now we offer:
(1) HFC227 fire fighting systems, including system with pipelines and cabinet system;
(2) IG (Inert Gas) fire fighting systems, including IG541, IG55, IG100, IG01 systems;
(3) high pressure CO2 fire fighting systems;
(4) EI-MIST high pressure water mist systems, including pump station system and cylinder system;
(5) EI MX 1230 fire fighting system, Novec 1230 acting as the extinguishing agent;
(6) EI OneU fire fighting system, used in closed computer or telecom cabinets.

EI China Tianjin Plant now is equipped with all the production and quality check equipments imported from Europe, which are technically advanced all over the world. We are capable of carrying out the agent gas filling independently and assure the excellent products quality. EI China always puts clients’ demand at the first place, provides comprehensive fire fighting solutions, and meets the requirements of clients.

Your fire protection partner, making the world a safer place!

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