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  Water Mist System
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Water Mist System
EI MIST® High Pressure Water Mist System is designed, developed and manufactured by Eusebi Impianti, with independent intellectual property rights. The water mist nozzles are UL listed.
The high pressure water mist system working pressure is between 100 bar and 120 bar; the diameter of the water mist droplets is less than 100μm (NFPA750). Proved by fire fighting tests, high pressure water mist system can put out the fire effectively and rapidly.

The fire extinguishing dynamics of EI MIST® High Pressure Water Mist System:
Cooling action: the water particles, as a consequence of their very small size, are subject to rapid evaporation, with the consequent strong removal of a large quantity of thermal energy from the fire.
Inerting action: the huge quantity of water vapour generated due to the high temperatures and very small droplets, behaves just like an inert gas and, since it occupies a volume that is a hundred times greater than that of the parental extinguishing water, it helps to control and suppress the fire.
Shielding action: The particles of water sprayed are capable of absorbing the radiant energy released by the fire, and so they significantly reduce the probability of the materials situated in the vicinity of the flames reaching their ignition temperature, contributing to the fire although not being directly burnt by the flame itself allowing the fire to be isolated and suppressed or extinguished.

Unique advantages for EI MIST® High Pressure Water Mist System:
Non-conductive: minimize the damage caused by the extinguishing agent, demineralized water as agent, not conduct electricity
Environmental friendly: small water volume used, neither pollution nor corrosion, friendly for environment
Easy maintenance: pipelines sizes are small, easy to assemble and disassemble
Cost saving: eliminate the cost of large water storage tanks and pressure pumps
Wide application: can be used in both closed protection zones and open areas, better than gas systems

Applications of EI MIST® High Pressure Water Mist System:
Civil and public architectures and buildings: subway carriages and stations, road and railway tunnels, hangars, archives, libraries, hotels, historical & cultural architectures, office buildings, warehouses, computer rooms, telecom rooms and etc.
Marine application: military ships, tankers, ferries, cargo ships, sailing yachts, offshore platforms,
Industrial and power application: turbines, diesel generators, oil and petro-chemical, machinery equipment rooms, transformer rooms, switches equipment rooms, cables tunnels and etc. 

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