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  CO2 System
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CO2 System
High Pressure CO2 System Technical Data:
Fire extinguishing agent: 100%CO2
Storage pressure at 20℃: 5.7MPa
Maximum working pressure at 50℃: 12.4MPa
Maximum gas filling density: 0.6kg/L
Cylinder volume: 70L
Working temperature: 0~50℃
Working voltage: DC24V
Discharge lasting time: ≤60s

In the condition of standard atmospheric pressure, CO2 is a kind of gas without any colour, with little scent. CO2 does not have any chemical reaction with other materials. No remaining after the discharge, and with good insulating quality.

High pressure CO2 system is one of traditions. The principle to put out the fire is to decrease the concentration of oxygen and lower the temperature, helping to put out the fire. After the discharge, CO2 will not remain in the room. 

In different fire fighting occasions, total flooding system and local application system can be designed accordingly. According to different fire fighting needs, system can be a single system or distribution system with direction valves.

There are three ways to activate the CO2 system: automatic activation, manual activation and emergency activation. Fire detectors send signals to control panel; control panel starts the solenoid valve and cylinder valves; agent will be discharged. Based on the different types of fires, we can supply total flooding CO2 system and local application CO2 system.

CO2 does not support human beings to breathe; fogs happen in discharge due to the temperature sudden decrease. When the fire alarm chimes, before CO2 discharge, all the people must leave the protection zones immediately. No entry during the discharge and after the discharge. Only when the ventilation is activated and all the CO2 in the protection zones are removed, people can enter.

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