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  EI OneU System
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EI OneU System

The EI OneU® active extinguishing system is a compact, independent unit for detecting and extinguishing fires in closed cabinet systems.

A sensitive smoke aspiration system with two fire detectors permanently monitored for operational reliability continuously takes air samples from the whole volume in the cabinet.

It detects fires as early as the start-up phase and then reacts in two stages:
- On a pre-alarm being given, simultaneously with the alarm signal power circuits can be switched off to cut off supporting energy to a starting fire.
- If the fire continues to develop, the fire alarm on the extinguishing system and if necessary the connected EI OneU DD extinguishing modules, is activated. The Novec™    1230 extinguishing agent vaporizes at the nozzle and is distributed throughout the cabinet. The fire is thus extinguished rapidly and without leaving any residue of extinguishing agent and it is safe for people and for the environment.

Alarm and fault statuses are shown on the display and if necessary routed to higher level systems. Optional acoustic and optical alarm installations can also be activated.

Space saving: compact size, does not affect the cabinet system operation, easy installation and maintenance;
Powerful functions: early stage fire detection capabilities and fire extinguishing functions integration;
Novec™ 1230: latest alternative extinguishing for HFC227, no residue, safe for human beings, environmentally friendly

Areas of use
The EI OneU® active extinguishing system should always be used where a high level of availability of technical installations is absolutely essential. 
Such installations include:
IT, server and network technology, which ensures round-the-clock availability of essential company data
Production controls, which control and monitor production processes
Power supply and control systems, which ensure adequate power at the right time and in the right place in the company.

Quality Insurance:
Components are CE approved
The system is calculated following the UNI EN 15004-2:2008 standard 
NOVEC 1230™ is UL listed

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