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EI MX1230 System
El MX 1230® Fire Fighting System

Efficient -Fast - Smooth - Clean
Extinguishes without leaving any residue

Eusebi Impianti Srl is proposing El MX 1230® fire extinguishing system using 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid. It is characterized by its fast flooding of the room (< 10 seconds) and its highly extinguishing efficiency. The extinguishing agent itself is toxicologically harmless; it extinguishes without leaving any residue and gets along with a small storage volume.

The extinguishing agent Novec™ 1230
The fire extinguishing agent Novec™ 1230 acts both physically and chemically. Novec™ 1230 is widely used throughout the world and thanks to its environmental properties it has become established in many countries as the extinguishing agent for manageable IT and electrical risks.
It is neither corrosive nor electrically conductive and therefore causes no damage through short circuits or through residues left on sensitive components. It is colourless and almost odorless and is in gaseous form at room temperature. Its molecules consist of carbon, fluorine and oxygen. Novec™ 1230 deprives the flames of heat, thus interrupting the combustion reaction.

Chemical formula: CF3CF2C(O)CF{CF3)2
Specific weight (20℃): 1.6 kg/l
State of aggregation: Liquid (at 25 0C /1.013 bar)
Boiling point: 49.2℃ (1.013 bar)
Environmental properties:
No ozone depletion potential (ODP 0) 
Low global warming potential (GWP l)
Atmospheric lifetime <5 days 

Advantages for El MX 1230 Fire Fighting System
-Very high environmental compatibility
-An extinguishing agent where its use in the future is protected by the 3M™ "Blue Sky Warranty"
-Optimized system design by using professional El MX1230 calculation software
-Robust design, so low installation and maintenance costs
-Rapid extinguishing effect
-Exceedingly safe for use in occupied areas
-No extinguishing agent residues, neither corrosive nor electrically conductive
-Higher operating pressure possible than comparable systems, so longer pipe works and multi-zone systems can be achieved
-Compact and space-saving
-Approved system (VdS)
-World-wide recognized and approved extinguishing agent

What you're looking for: El MX 1230 system types from A to Z
-Available cylinder sizes: 22, 25, 40, 50, 80. 100, 140, 180 liters
-Pressure stages available: 25, 42. 50 bar
-Single- or multi-cylinder systems
-Single- or multi-zone systems

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